Stefani P.

stef1 Age: 29
Riding Since: 1999
Home Mountain: Snoqualmie
Boards: 155 Monument Memento Mori DIY Split, 155 Monument Memento Mori Solid, 155 Monument FVK, 151 Monument Dirty Debutates, 157 Monument 777What made you turn in your skis for a board?

I started skiing as a little kiddo. (My dad -amazing skiier btw- said I was 2 years old when he first took me up)  When I was 10, I mentioned I wanted to snowboard.   So, we picked up some cheap board for $100 and the folks signed me up for the ski bus!  What about my skis?  Well, I never looked back.

stef3Who is your favorite rider?

Nick Mueller.  He is so creative and stylish on the hill.  He really makes an art of riding in the backcountry.  He goes big.  Always.  I never get bored of his shots.

What is the greatest snowboard trip youve done and why?
Cat skiing at Tamarak Resort, Idaho in 2008.  It was my first BC trip, and now I’m hooked!
Or, our North Cascades Heli Yurt Trip that we did in 2011/2012… I am now addicted to helicopters and need more of them!
stef2Park or Pow?
Easy. Pow.  There is nothing like the bliss of riding deep snow.  I also find magic in creating the wave as opposed to surfing, where you ride the wave.  (Which is pretty fun too.)
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