Eli A.

Eli1Age: 31
Riding Since: 1995
Home Mountain: Mt. Hood Meadows
Boards: 161.5 LIB TRICE Magnatraction split by Chair 2 with Spark Burners
164.5 LIB TRICE C2 Bannana traction with Union Contacts for resort/lift accessed backcountry


What or who was it that made you want to snowboard? My cousin gave me a copy of Snowboarder Magazine in 1995. After trying it 3 times I was hooked for life.

Why? Seeing photos of guys dropping lines off of Hemispheres and the Arm at Baker.

What or who was it that made you want to Splitboard? Not to sound cliche’ but Jeremy Jones.  Watching Deeper and the behind the scenes on Outside television gave me an idea of what was possible.  Also riding sleds and hiking in AK gave me a taste of what fresh untracked snow was all about.  I wanted to access fresh lines without the sled payment and all the gas and $ that goes along with owning and maintaining a 2 stroke.

Do you do any other winter sports? Skijoring with my Alaskan Malamute.


What is the best advice you can give a newbie looking to get into the backcountry?

Buy a beacon and a shovel and do beacon searches with your buddies. Take a class or two.  Read a few books on backcountry safety.  Read NWAC religiously and when its safe enough for your comfort zone venture out of bounds with a solid group into an area at least one person knows well.  A guide and your brain are the most important tools in the backcountry.  Airbags and  Avalungs only make your chances of survival better. The key is to not get caught in a slide in the first place. Hang fire and terrain traps should be avoided if at all possible.  Even skinning can be too much stress on a slope given the wrong conditions.  Respect the mountains.  “Live to ride another day”  Jeremy Jones

Where is your favorite place to ride and why? 

The backcountry in Alaska.  The lines accessible from a short skin, hike or snowmobile are comparable to what you ride from a heli.  There is usually some decent snow to be found and a plethora of chutes and spines to ride.  Eli3