Ali A.

Ali1Age: 23
Riding Since: 1999
Home Mountain: I grew up riding at Mt. Hood, been at Mt. Baker for 6 years
Boards: 152 GNU B-Pro C2 Split, 151 Roxy Ollie Pop

Where is your favorite place to ride? Mt. Baker Snoqualmie Forest

Who is your favorite rider/biggest inspiration? Barrett Christy and Victoria Jealouse

Why do you splitboard? To get away from the crowds, find sweet lines, to snowboard with my dog, and to explore.

It seems like everyone is getting into splitboarding, do you think this is the newest trend or something that will be around a while?  Not gonna lie I got into Splitboarding only 3 years ago because I was tired of booSplitboarding the backcountry and tired of skiers passing me skiing uphill. Splitboarding has been around for quite awhile but it has been getting more exposure in the past few years. I feel like it is a new trend that will stick around.
What do you have planned for the 13/14 season?  I’m living in Glacier, WA and riding and working at Mt. Baker for the winter. I plan to make some trips up to BC, Vancouver Island, the peninsula, and up hwy 20 for hut and day split trips this season.
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