Our Tiny Little Shop!


That’s right, this is our  shop!  We work out of a 30′ trailer that we park at Snoqualmie Pass during the winter months!  We work hard to keep the snow from covering us completely, but sometimes it just gets away from us!  It may look cold from the outside, but come on in!  It’s toasty warm in here, and we usually have some fresh (and complimentary) coffee brewing.

Here at Chair 2, our goal is to help you reach your goal

We are a small snowboard shop that builds custom splitboards and provides backcountry snowboard and ski equipment and advise in Washington State.

Chair 2 Board Sports is here to share our passions with other riders and enhance your experience along the way.  Inspired by epic powder days, relaxed weekends at the beach, and our respect for the elements, our shop encourages the progression of riding by not only providing the highest quality equipment to you at a reasonable price, but by welcoming you into our shop/home.  Come say hello, hang out, tell us your stories!


    Stefani Porter

    Owner and Operator, you'll find her in the shop on any given day.

    Stefani Porter
    Brendon Porter

    You'll never catch him in a lift line, but he's got stories for days about the pow in the BC.

    Brendon Porter

What to Expect


We are experienced riders with 15-20 years under our belts. We go big, and test the limits of ourselves and our equipment. Experience with many different brands, mountains and terrain.


Bottom line: We love to ride B.C. Most of our riding is accessed by splitboards and/or snowmobiles in order to find the finest stashes the PNW has to offer. Experienced, friendly people who love to ride.


We know that the right gear plays a BIG role in the fun factor. The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned money only to find you don't like the gear. So, if we don't ride it, we don't sell it!


Our objective is customer satisfaction. We're here to get you the product and/or info that you need. And we'll do so quickly and effectively to get you back outdoors, doing what you love.